Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC

Celebrating that each event or vibration in our lives creates a new beautiful us

Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC is dedicated to supporting and creating spaces for individuals to explore their personal identities, those that are permanent and those that shift. We do this work through nonjudgmental workshops, storytelling, reflection, and by connecting people to current and potential communities.

Adult & Youth/Child Sex Education

KV creates spaces both for individuals with sexual experience and those without. Our curriculum is consent, desire & pleasure focused. Child & youth-friendly options available for some workshops

Self-Development & Body Positivity

Relationship to self greatly affects our sexual lives and our general nagivation of the world. This work focuses on developing a positive relationship with self without shaming where we are.


KV is excited to offer opportunities for publishing for those with stories to share that don't generally have access to publishing spaces and whose narratives are often left out by mainstream media.

What People Say

Erica Colon, Workshop Attendee

"I had the privilege of attending a previous workshop and had so much fun! Also, I got to learn some things about myself in the process! Yael Rosenstock is fun, informative, inclusive, and creates a comfortable atmosphere for all... I highly recommend it!"

Anissa Moody, Associate Professor

"I had the pleasure of watching my students blossom and grow right before my eyes as they participated in a workshop led by Yael and hosted by Dr. Aalai. So far the students have shared positive responses, including interests in more training. In this current climate we can't do enough of these [Upstander and Social Identity] trainings."

Anonymous, Student

"As a woman with vaginismus, I often feel discouraged from sex-ed spaces or embarrassed to speak up on behalf of women who are sexual but cannot necessarily have penetrative sex. Though her intersectional educational approach, Yael has helped me engage in sexuality in a way that empowers me and gives me the tools to eventually practice penetration in an enjoyable way"

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Yael Rosenstock, founder of Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC & Co-creator of Diverse Bodies Project, and Kaleidoscope Perspectives
(She, her, hers)

At 15 years old, Yael became a teen peer reproductive rights educator and never looked back. Her undergraduate thesis, A Not so Silent Voice for Female Sexuality: Empowering Examples from Literature Cross-Culturally and her Master’s thesis, Dismantling Rape Culture through an Exploration of Consent, Desire, and Pleasure created space for her to explore sexuality, consent, and pleasure through different disciplines. She recently published An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tips and Tales and is working on a collaborative body positive photo-interview series entitled Diverse Bodies Project. She aspires to be a leading force in ridding the world of sexual violence and replacing it with sexual freedom. That is, freedom to be, feel, abstain, or engage in sexual encounters and be confident in your decisions.

Partners & Co-Developers

Jonathan Baron, Co-creator of Diverse Bodies Project

Jonathan Baron is a multidisciplinary artist from Queens, New York. Jonathan is pursuing a BFA in Studio Art at Queens College, where he also received a fellowship in Social Organizing from the Center for Ethnic, Racial, and Religious Understanding. Jonathan’s art practice investigates social communication and interpersonal relations.

Katherine Kolios, Co-creator of Kaleidoscope Perspectives
(She, her, hers)

Katherine started doing yoga because she needed a reason to move her body. She kept doing yoga because it stilled her mind. She has practiced and taught on four continents and is deeply interested in yogic philosophy and its intersection with other ancient and modern philosophies, both religious and secular. Katherine is a 200 Hour-Certified yoga instructor, currently pursuing her 500 Hour-Certification through Johanna Bell’s Illumina Training program. Her background is primarily in Vinyasa flow with Ashtanga, Iyengar, Hatha, and Tantra influence.

Darren LaRocque, Co-creator of Diverse Bodies Project

“The world can be a dark place”. Since his early childhood, Darren understood the unfortunate truth that this place he was to call his home had a few cracks in the pavement. Wars that tear apart nations, natural disasters that ravage communities, children that die of starvation before they even learn the word for “food”. This world can truly seem like the place ashes come to rest. But of course, there was one other lesson he learned. Ashes are the only place… where a phoenix will rise.

Jill McIntosh, Social Media & Branding Strategist Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC
(She, her, hers)

Jill McIntosh is a human-centered mentor and ally, trained in capacity building, counseling, recruitment, and program development. Frustrated with the lack of comprehensive sex education in the US and abroad, she joined Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC to address the barriers to sexual freedom and invite all people to identify, explore, and ultimately destroy those barriers.

Previously, Jill operated the sexual health hotline at AIDS Action Committee and taught public health interventions in Senegal as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

She is currently pursuing her masters in Nonprofit Management at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies and working full-time as a career coach for graduate students looking to make a difference in the world. She holds a B.S. in Human Services from Northeastern University and is a certified MBTI practitioner.

Shakun Sethi, Developer of Tickle.Life
(She, her, hers)

Shakun has been an initiator of multiple social impact projects for creating exposure and opportunities to the relevant stakeholders and citizens. Her experience in India and Netherlands led her to realize the importance of an ecosystem to celebrate sexuality and to eradicate the taboo attached. That is how Tickle.Life was born.

Tickle.Life is an initiative to encourage acceptance and expression of your sexuality. It is a platform to celebrate unrestrained fantasies and sexual innuendos via discussions. The community is exclusively made up of like-minded people who are judgment-free, where there is no right or wrong way of expressing one’s thoughts. So helping you to remain true to your real self and accepting the world around in a better way. The platform encourages community building by maintaining anonymity and privacy but discourages hookup by providing no way to connect personally on one to one level.

Mishael Sims, Photographer and team member of Diverse Bodies Project
(She, her, hers)

Do what makes you happy they say. Mishael has two eyes to see and yet everything seems to look better through a lens. Something magical happens when she releases the shutter, something her own two eyes cannot do. It makes whatever is on the other side of her lense beautiful. Without editing, just a RAW file of the world captured perfectly. And THAT makes Mishael happy. If it can be seen, it can be captured.

Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC offers workshops across different topics including the following:

Body Positivity
Consent and Respecting Boundaries
Desire and Pleasure
Healthy Relationships
Sexual Identity
Social Identity
Partnering Styles (Monogamy & Polyamory)
Shifting for Change
Workshop Development

Child Friendly Options available for all topics in italics

DateEventLocationMore Info
August TBABodyLove: Vulva EditionWashington Heights, NYDescription Below
Wednesday, June 12th, 6:30-9pmBeyond Skin Deep: Queer Representation in the Diverse Bodies Project 54th St between 8th & 9th Ave, New York, NYClick Here


A series of workshops and retreats dedicated to empowering explorations of body and self.

BodyLove: Vulva Edition
Full day nude workshop that inspires
Body positivity Increased familiarity with own body and comfort with those of othersExploration of sexuality through conversationConnection with other people with vulvasConfronting socializationLow-risk vulnerability
BodyLove: Short Series
Two-three hour workshops that engage the arts. Workshops include:

Molding Ourselves: Explore self and body through the tactile experience of sculpture.

Using our Words: Explore self and body through the transformative power of words.
Movement: Explore self and body through experimenting with the shapes and rhythms of our movements.

Body Painting: Explore self and body through body as brush.

Kaleidoscope Perspectives

KALEIDOSCOPE PERSPECTIVES is designed to help reconnect you with your mind, body, and heart, to listen better and to live better. We offer a series of retreats to help you develop the tools needed to shift your life -- to recognize where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Each retreat offers a difference focus including relationship to body, mental health, sexual energy, and friendships.

Developed in collaboration with Katherine Kolios


Upcoming Books!

by Sharon Jackson
Short (ghost) story of a Muslim-Jewish friendship

Sophie's Superpower
by Arielle Rosenstock
Bilingual children's book about a little girl with anxiety

Diverse Bodies Project Coffee Table Book
Jon Baron, Darren LaRocque, Mishael Sims, & Yael Rosenstock

Love from the Vortex and Other Poems
by Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz

Available Books!

Luna, Yes!/!Luna, Si!, by Jessica Gonzalez, the first Spanish/English bilingual children’s book about sisters and autism!
Order HERE

Order Yael's first Book, An Introguide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips HERE.

Kaleidoscope Vibrations, LLC offers several opportunities for publishing.

1. We accept requests to publish short works that consider multiple and/or intersecting identities. If your cover letter is accepted, you will be invited to send your full work for submission and will receive one of the following four responses:
(1) Ready to publish (may or may not include minimal edits)
(2) Willing to publish with minor editing
(3) Major editing required to be considered.
(4) Does not fall under KV, LLC Publishing topics

2. We accept cover letters for almost completed full-length fiction and non-fiction work that considers multiple and/or intersecting identities. If your cover letter is accepted, you will be invited to send your full work for submission and will receive one of the following four responses:
(1) Ready to publish (may or may not include minimal edits)
(2) Willing to publish with minor editing
(3) Major editing required to be considered.
(4) Does not fall under KV, LLC Publishing topics

3. Current Anthologies with open calls. Check this page for announcements.

Latinidad & Feeling Outsider
Deadline: Ongoing

Latindad y aislamiento
Deadline: Ongoing

Sexual Identity Narratives
Deadline: Ongoing

Services we offer

ISBN (which allows for distribution with major distributors including Amazon)EditorsIllustratorsFormattersAuthor page (personal website)Advertising at our Events and on Website


Christine Ramkarran (she/her)

Chrissy graduated CUNY Queens College in 2018 with a Bachelor’s in English. She wrote, edited, and self-published her debut collection of poetry, Relic, in 2017 and served as an editor for Yael Rosenstock’s An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips, published in 2018. She has also written and edited content for Belladonna* Literary Press and Freemuse.

She currently works full-time as a Program Coordinator for an organization that is geared towards career readiness for first generation, low-income college students.

Developmental Editing: An in-depth review of the document in its entirety from cover to
cover. Includes content revisions and complete copy editing services.

Copy Editing: Correcting errors of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, jargon, and
one major content revision.

Proofreading: Minor errors are corrected in areas of grammar, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and word usage.

Katherine Kolios (she, her)

Raised by a mother with a PhD in Linguistics, we were corrected at the dinner table. It was annoying. In turn, I corrected my friends at the lunch table, at recess, and after school. That was also annoying. In the end, I've stopped correcting people in social settings and turned that nit-picky nature to editing everything from application essays and resumes to doctoral theses, journal articles and books. Correcting people on the playground could be considered not just annoying but disrespectful. In contrast, editing someone's work is an act of respect - for the person, for their ideas, and for the value of communication. I cherish the opportunity to dig into someone's work and to dig around in their brain, in an effort to bring greater depth and clarity to their words and, sometimes, to adapt those words to render their ideas more accessible. Language is an unparalleled tool (see: the Tower of Babble, governmental propaganda, kirtan chanting, etc) of power and beauty but even the most proficient writer struggles to edit for herself. Editing requires a certain level of distance that a writer cannot achieve with her own work. I (probably) don't know you -- so I'm perfect! Looking forward to getting to know you through your work and to helping your future-audience get to know you by strengthening your final product.


Liu Light, they/them

Light is a New York-based artist and multimedia illustrator with a special interest in children's books and manga. They have illustrated numerous children's books written by youth and young adults for educational nonprofits such as Shout Mouse Press, REACH Incorporated, and Rainbow Puppet Productions. They create manga, art books, music, poetry, and performance as part of their personal artistic practice, which features a strong interest in both traditional and experimental storytelling.

You can see Light's work on their website, liulight.com

Nine McClain (if using pronouns, they/them)

Nine McClain is a nonbinary comic book artist, and recent graduate of Queens College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Through the medium of sequential art, Nine documents the navigation of difficult conversations such as mental illness in academia, professional achievement versus personal fulfillment, and the struggle of true self-definition.

You can see Nine's work on Nine's website, Ninelikethenumber


Our mission is to celebrate diverse bodies.

Our first step is to photograph and interview the amazing people in NYC and the surrounding area. We ask them to share their experiences of their body, their relationship with it, and their relationship to society. We want to explore bodies for all they can be, beyond and inclusive of the sexual.

We will be creating a book of images and interviews. You can apply through the link below. We welcome persons of all shapes, backgrounds, ages, ability statuses, gender identities, etc.

Models decide what to have photographed, whether to include their face, and whether to use their real name or a pseudonym. There are femme and masculine photographers and interviewers so models may choose who they would like in the room.


If you have any questions, email diversebodiesproject@gmail.com

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While the world may not understand Luna, her sister Cassie knows her better than anyone. She knows Luna’s favorite food, her favorite song, and her favorite dance move. Luna knows how to make Cassie laugh and her favorite ice cream. They may not be able to share secrets like some siblings, but they share something far more important-- a sister bond.

Luna, Yes!/!Luna, Si!, by Jessica Gonzalez, is the first Spanish/English bilingual children’s book about sisters and autism!
Order on Amazon

Contact info.kvibrations@gmail.com
to order directly through us (pick up available in New York City & Bloomington, Indiana, delivery extra)

The Diverse Bodies Project is a photo-interview series celebrating diverse bodies! The project seeks to broaden our view of what is beautiful and delve into the ways we see ourselves and others. The team intentionally brings together queer, straight, young, old, different races, body types, nationalities, and more to create an inclusive project focused on highlighting that diversity includes us all. Each individual interview delves into the relationship and unique experiences that the participants have with their bodies to create a project highlighting both the physical and the internal.

Pre-Order HERE

Order a copy of Intro-guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips HERE.

To order a signed edition of Yael's first book, click the buy now button
$20 includes shipping & handling

"... The author is candid, knowledgeable and affirming. It’s like talking to your best friend who is not only supportive and non-judgmental, but also knows her stuff. As a therapist, I have recommended this book to a few of my clients and will continue to do so. If only this book were around twenty+ years ago… "

Click HERE to order a copy of Intro-guide to a Sex Positive You: Lessons, Tales, and Tips on Amazon
Kindle $7.99

To order a regular copy (not signed), click the buy now button
$13 includes shipping & handling

"A rare blend of vulnerable, personal truth-telling combined with real professionalism and expertise. Yael's commitment to exploring the intersection of identity, sexuality, and interpersonal relationships (her own, yours, everyone's!) makes you feel like you're talking with a friend - who just happens to also be an expert."

"I loved the inclusivity shown in this book. I love how relatable and open this was was also. When I read it I felt that it was okay not to know some of what was being expressed because of how open and positive An Intro-Guide to a Sex Positive You was, in addition I loved the addition of the the interactive activities in the book that allowed you to explore yourself."

To reserve space in a workshop, visit the Contact Us form and send us a message detailing which workshop you are interested in attending (which topic, date if applicable, and how many people).

If you would like Yael to run a workshop at your location, use the Contact Us form to request more information. Please send desired date(s), workshop type & length, location with cross-streets, and budget for event. We use a sliding scale for community events.

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